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Volume-10 ~ Issue-10

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1. Heat Transfer Analysis of 𝑻𝒊𝑶𝟐 Nanofluid over Unsteady Stretching Surface
Zaffer Elahi, Tahira Bibi, Azeem Shahzad
01-11 pdf pdf
2. Effect of Storage on Quality Characteristics of Wheat Flour
Savita Harke, G B Megeri, Goutami Hadimani, Tejaswini Megeri
12-33 pdf pdf
3. Handling The Class Imbalance Problem From Different Datasets
Subhasis Misra, Rejuwan Shamim, Ratul Dey
34-40 pdf pdf
4. Training teachers in History - Geography Pedagogy in the Mekong Delta
Pham Duc Thuan, Le Van Hieu, Pham Thi Phuong Linh
41-44 pdf pdf
5. A Study on Capital Budgeting Towards Electrosteel Casting Limited in Srikalahasti
45-50 pdf pdf
6. Modeling of Cr3+ doped TlZnF3 Single Crystal
Ram Kripal
51-56 pdf pdf
7. 0 Dimensional Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for the Electrodes of Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor: A Review
Zermeen Fatima, Muhammad Nadeem
57-66 pdf pdf
8. Hybrid Reinforced Polymer Composites from Water Hyacinth and Pineapple Leaves
Cyril George Thottumkal
67-75 pdf pdf
9. Machine Learning Algorithms - A Systematic Review
Nitish Thakur, Aditi Choudhary, Pankaj Verma
76-82 pdf pdf
10. Fatigue Performance of Calcium Carbide Residue Modified Asphalt Concrete Pavement in Extreme Moisture Condition
Magnus, Emuzani Brother, Ogboda, Chiwokwa Emmanuella
83-87 pdf pdf
11. Fly Ash & Sugarcane Bagasse Bricks (Study for the Compressive Strength with Varying Material Composition & Water Absorption Test)
Pritam Singh, Rikshit Kumar, Karthikeyan Murugesan
88-96 pdf pdf
12. Fly Ash &Sugarcane Bagasse Bricks(Reviewon Bricks of Compressive Strength with Varying Material Composition Ratio& Water Absorption Test)
Pritam Singh, Rikshit Kumar, Karthikeyan Murugesan
97-103 pdf pdf
13. Development of Multigrain Cookies
Tejaswini R Megeri, Bharati S Meti, Goutami Hadimani, Savita Harke
104-131 pdf pdf
14. Formulation of Topical gel from betel pepper
Sabale A.D, Pawar S.L, Walunj S.R
132-137 pdf pdf
15. Design and Analysis of High Throughput and Energy Efficient FIR Filter using Retiming and Pipelining in Verilog Coding
Shikhar Bajpai, Krishna Raj
138-145 pdf pdf
16. An Experimental Study on Use of Gypsum Powder and Agro Waste As Panel For Noise Insulation
Maneesh .K.N, Aravind Sagar .B
146-155 pdf pdf
17. SRF-PLL synchronized and Lyapunov based controller for 3-phase shunt active power filter
156-166 pdf pdf
18. Autonomous Street Lighting System Based on Solar Energy and LED'S
Anil Singh, Er. Virender Lohan
167-179 pdf pdf
19. Study of fuel efficiency and vehicle exhaust emissions with the addition of Pertamax Hot Steam Additives
Andi Prasetyo, Sutrisno
180-189 pdf pdf
20. Preview for the investigation of High-Level Causeway at Naved-Darapur Road
Bhavana Dhandar, Dr. Mohammad Zuhair, Prof. Ashish Bijwe
190-194 pdf pdf
21. A Review Paper on Analysis of Fertilization by using Fertirobot
Prof. Siddharth S. Ghosh, Jyoti Yadav, Ronit Bhanarkar, Riya Khobragade
195-199 pdf pdf
22. An Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of M40 Grade Concrete by Partial Replacement of OPC by Red Mud and Hydrated Lime
Manoj Gangatkar D N, Aravind Sagar B
200-211 pdf pdf
23. Flavonoids as a natural " DYE/PERMANENT INK "
Pratima Vishwakarma, Dr Jitendra Sharma
212-213 pdf pdf
214-225 pdf pdf
25. Enhancing similarity-Based Web Service Recommendations Using Collaborative Filtering
226-231 pdf pdf
26. Need for Remedial Teachingin Secondary Level Mathematics Learning
Dr. Mahua Basu Mallik
232-234 pdf pdf
27. A Study of Dynamic Cabin Loading Based on Modelica
Bing Luo
235-242 pdf pdf
28. Augmented Reality in Engineering Graphics
Saili R. Naik, Flavia Leitao, Priya G. Kamat, Selvyn Fernandes, Jaitali A. Kunkalkar
243-250 pdf pdf
29. Study on mechanical properties of cast-in-place pile ring beam joints
Wang Gangsheng, Li Jingfeng, Gao Ling, Zhou Hang
251-256 pdf pdf
30. Comparison of Vocal Hygiene Awareness among Male Pastors and Female Pastors in Kerala
Febha Mary Chacko, Mrs. Vini Abhijith Gupta
257-268 pdf pdf
31. Invitro Anthelmintic Activity of Plant Hypochaeris Radicata L.
Vaibhav B Thombare, Monika G Shinde, Vishal U Thodsare, Swati T Mane
269-273 pdf pdf
32. A review on Machine Learning: Application and Algorithms
Diksha, Monika, Palvi, Pankaj Verma
274-279 pdf pdf
33. A Review Paper On Utilization of Overburden Dump In Construction Industry
Prof. Atul D. Gautam, Pradnya Kapgate, Shreya Ramteke, Prince Yadav, Shubham Khadse
280-282 pdf pdf
34. Generation of Plain and Twill Weaves from Left Circulant Matrices
Yumnam Kirani Singh
283-291 pdf pdf
35. Dynamic Modulus and Fatigue Life of Corn Starch Modified Bitumen in Asphalt Concrete Pavement
Favour R. Jack, Edwin O. Iwo
292-303 pdf pdf
36. The Effect Of Aı-Controlled Autonomous Weapons In The Wars Of The Future
Rüştü Güntürkün
304-309 pdf pdf
37. Developments in Warplanes from World War II to the Present Day
Rüştü Güntürkün
310-314 pdf pdf
38. Awareness on Occupational Noise Hazard Among Welders
Ishwarya H, Dr. Satish Kumaraswamy
315-320 pdf pdf
39. Research on Measurement and Index System Design of Digital Economy Development
Yanhua Diao
321-327 pdf pdf
40. Spectroscopic and band-gap characteristics of gamma irradiated ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene/gamma aminobutyric acid (UHMWPE/GABA) composites
Syed Danish Rizvi, Mansoor A. Baluch, Manzoor Ahmad, Tariq Yasin, Malik Naqash Mehmood, Malik Sajjad Mehmood
328-340 pdf pdf
41. Inhalation and carcinogenic exposure profiles of atmospheric polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons at a semi-arid region of India
Amit Masih, Renuka Saini, Ajay Taneja
341-349 pdf pdf
42. Simulation Study on Performance of Transcritical Carbon Dioxide Heat Pump Water Heater and Simulating Gas Cooler
Zhang Yaowen, Li Shihao
350-356 pdf pdf
43. Comparative Study of Magnetic Field and Rotation on Thermosolutal Convection of Ferromagnetic Fluids Saturating Porous Medium
357-363 pdf pdf
44. Analysis of Correlation between Built up scenario and urban heatisland effect of Bangalore urban area of Karnataka
Monisha Hembram, Suhel Sen, Shubhanita Dasgupta Chakraborty
364-372 pdf pdf
45. A Comprehensive Study of Authentication and Confidentiality for Tacacs Server
P A.Koteswara Rao, Shaik Taj Mahaboob, K.Ravindra Reddy
373-374 pdf pdf
46. Optimal Performance of Compressive Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Cement Content 350kg/m3 400kg/m3 and 450kg/m3
Ode Thankgod, Onu Fortune Harrison, Barisua E Ngekpe
375-379 pdf pdf
47. Friday Prayer Rotation System during Pandemic
Amier Putra Azhar, Ali Yusny Daud
380-388 pdf pdf
48. Analysis of Physico-Chemical Parameters of Soil and Water In and Around Avaragolla Village, Davangere District
Nagarajappa D. P, Aishwarya O, Shiva Keshava Kumar P
389-393 pdf pdf
49. Business Intelligence Tools – Systematic Review
AL. Sayeth Saabith, T. Vinothraj, MMM.Fareez
394-408 pdf pdf
50. High Dimensional Data analysis base on Machine Learning methods
Dao Thi Phuong Anh
409-413 pdf pdf
51. Differences and Similarities between Support Vector Regression (SVR) and Neural Network (NN)
Jude Chukwura Obi
414-419 pdf pdf
53. Defect Inspection Of Casting Product Surface Using CNN
Hariharan Purushothaman
423-436 pdf pdf
54. Fragment-based simulation study of interactions between sodium polyacrylate, styrene-butadiene latex and calcite surface
A.Oravilahti, J.Knuutinen, T. Oravilahti, M. Toivakka, J.M.Linnanto
437-445 pdf pdf
55. A Review Paper on Analysis of Fertilization by using Fertirobot
Prof. Siddharth S. Ghosh, Jyoti Yadav, Ronit Bhanarkar, Riya Khobragade
446-450 pdf pdf
56. Speech , spatial and qualities of hearing in hearing aid users
Anjana s, Sebin c george
451-457 pdf pdf
57. A New Subclass of Classes of P-Valent Starlike and Convex Functions with Coefficient Bounds
Misha Rani
458-463 pdf pdf
58. Review on Multi Grain Dryer
Kumara Reddy Rao, Matta Girija Ram Prasanth, M Sangeetha
464-469 pdf pdf
59. Effect of Confining Pressure on the Stress Paths of Soils Using MIT and Cambridge Plots Methods
Idoniboyeobu, L. O., Akpila, S.B., Jaja, G. W. T.
470-474 pdf pdf
60. Comparative Study of Transmission Line Tower with Different Bracing Patterns Using Response Spectrum Method
Bhavesh Patil, Prof. Rohan Chaudhari
475-482 pdf pdf
61. Sentence types in Kannada speaking normal children and with Intellectual Disability
Nisthul M Bensi, Dr Satish Kumaraswamy, Rakshita S Gowda
483-491 pdf pdf
62. A Screening Picture Vocabulary Test in Arabic
Nazia A Manaf, Dr. Satish Kumaraswamy
492-503 pdf pdf
63. Coefficient Inequality for a Newly Constructed Subclass of Class of Starlike Analytic Functions
Md Aminul Hoque
504-508 pdf pdf
64. Study of a Subclass of Classes of P-Valent Starlike and Convex Functions
Divyanshu Verma
509-513 pdf pdf
65. Fekete Szego Bounds for a Class of Regular P-Valent Functionsthat Is Subclass of Class of P-Valent Convex Functions
Chatinder Kaur
514-519 pdf pdf
66. 3D Holographic Display with Gesture Controller
T Gowtham Reddy, Kollu Abishai, Nuli Namassivaya
520-523 pdf pdf
67. Application of Statistics in Solving Industry Based Challenges: A Case Study of Benedict Oil and Gas, Anambra State, Nigeria
Jude Chukwura Obi, Kosisochukwu Cynthia Okafor
524-530 pdf pdf
68. Analysis of R.C. Chimney with different wind speed using STAAD.Pro
Shubham Ankush Bombile, Prof. A. N. Shaikh
531-536 pdf pdf
69. Virtual Smart Glass for Blind using Object Detection
Mohammed Shakkir P K, Basil Shaji, Muhammed Muhsin, Boby Martin Aprem, Dr. Abhiraj T K
537-544 pdf pdf
70. Smart Cards Using RFID in Educational Sector
Anjaligupta R, Dr.Ramya R
545-549 pdf pdf
71. Real-time eye tracking for password authentication using Matlab
A. Antoinette, S. Buvaneswari
550-557 pdf pdf
72. Crop Yield Prediction Based On Indian Agriculture
Dr. Aziz Makandar, Ms. Vrandashree D Koti
558-564 pdf pdf
73. Mellitus Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms
Dr.Aziz Makandar, Ms. Chaitra SahadevKohalli
565-571 pdf pdf
74. Synthesis and Investigation of Liquid Crystalline Property of a New Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline System with Terminal Chloro Group and DSC study
Kalpesh R. Kholiya, Mona B.Pithiya, Umed C. Bhoya
572-587 pdf pdf
75. Electronic control for propulsion and guidance of watercrafts
Malay K. Pandit, Asim K. Jana
588-592 pdf pdf
76. Over-Current Relay Tripping Coordination in A Power System With High Level Of Distributed Generation (Dg) Considering Islanding Mode
Mgbeike V. O, Ezechukwu O. A, Ezendiokwelu C. E, Anionovo E. U
593-601 pdf pdf
77. Awareness on Hazardous Noise, Importance of Ear Protective Devices and Safety among Carpenters in Kerala
Febha Mary Chacko, Anjana Santhosh, Shikha Merin Philip, Dr. Sathish Kumaraswamy
602-607 pdf pdf
78. Estimating Shiftunder Linex Loss in Exponentiated Inverted Weibull Distribution
Uma Srivastava, Harish Kumar
608-614 pdf pdf
79. Development of Gasket Sheet From Groundnut Shell Composite For Medium Temperature Application
Atiku, Salisu Ahmed, Muhammad Shuaibu Birniwa, Ibrahim Ladan
615-625 pdf pdf
80. Study on nonlinear aeroelastic response of a all-moving rudder surface
Xiangyan Chen
626-631 pdf pdf
81. A Study on Delegated Legislation With Reference To Indian Judiciary
Darshit B Jain
632-636 pdf pdf
82. Research on the Construction of University Computer Course Based on Blended Teaching
Pingshui Wang, Xuedong Zhang, Tao Chen
637-640 pdf pdf
83. Antibacterial activity of some Transition Metal Amide Complexes
Raja Ram
641-647 pdf pdf
84. Public Perception of Food Safety and Standard
Izaz Ahamed, Ms.Aruna.A.R
648-654 pdf pdf
85. Distinctly Productive Eco-Friendly Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel In Acidic Mixtureunder Different Conditions: Experimental Study
Mahima Srivastava
655-664 pdf pdf
86. Synthesis and Investigation of Liquid Crystalline Property of a New Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline System with Terminal Chloro Group and DSC study
Kalpesh R. Kholiya, Mona B.Pithiya, Umed C. Bhoya
665-680 pdf pdf
87. The role of health professionals in the treatment and monitoring of patients with diabetic foot: Literature review
Gleison Faria, Francisco Leandro Soares de Souza, Taís Loutarte Oliveira,
Jackson Firigolo, Cleci da Silva, Thauany Ferreira Tavares, João Paulo Santos Carvalho, Dhieniffer Naiara da Silva, Cleonice Pêgo da Silva, Douglas Basso Sales, Katiany Tamara Andrade Batista, Silvano Cristina Nava, Deusirene Sousa Rodrigues, Flávia Queiroz, Samira Sbardelatti Regis Pereira, Letícia Ferreira Gomes, Cleverson de Oliveira Santos, Natielen Aparecida de Paula, Erlon Robson da Silva Rodrigues, Valdair Nunes do Nascimento, Ana Paula da Silveira, Gilberto dos Santos Campos, Isabelly Melissa Nunes, Aline Fontes Alves, Eliseu de Paulo Santos, Daniele Silva de Almeida, DayaneLeite dos Santos, Tatianny Ketllynn Abreu Silva, Jany Felizardo dos Santos, Vanessa Botoni da Silva Nogueira, Giselen Maleski Cargnin, Gabriela Schabatoski dos Santos, Ivanildo Sousa Azevedo, Tatiana Moreira de Almeida, Marco Rogério da Silva, Elizamar de Souza Silva, Josiane Alves dos Santos, Mateus Duarte Vieira, Welesmar Barros dos Santos, Cleitineia da Silva Souza
681-689 pdf pdf
88. Experimental Investigation of NOx Reduction in Biodiesel Blends
Dr.M.Varathavijayan, P.Vinothraja
690-698 pdf pdf