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Current Issue : Volume-10 ~ Issue-1

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1. IS Existing Curriculum of Special School in Bangladesh Suits Employment Opportunities?'
Brig Gen Engr. MohammedSharafat Hossain
01-06 pdf pdf
2. Petroleum Produced Water; Characterization and Adsorption Properties on Coconut Shell Carbon
Akpoturi Peters, Usuolori O.B.A
07-14 pdf pdf
3. In Vitro Efficacy Evaluation of Sarvonutra-DivaTM: The Herbal Pre-Mix for Women Wellbeing
Dr. Baidyanath Mishra, Dr. Yathapu Srinivasa Reddy
15-21 pdf pdf
4. Ayurvedic Management of Warts W.R.T Charmakila: A Case Report
22-24 pdf pdf

Corrosioninhibitionefficiencyofsodiumlaur ylsulphateandzn2+


25-30 pdf pdf
Prakash Chandra Srivastava
31-33 pdf pdf
7. Lithofacies and Sedimentological Study of Tiko-Field, Coastal Swamp Depobelt, Niger Delta
Okengwu, K. O., Tambe, B.
34-45 pdf pdf
8. Petrophysical Analysis and Palynological Study of Tiko - Field, Coastal Swamp Depobelt, Niger Delta
Tambe, B., OKENGWU, K. O.
46-56 pdf pdf
9. Approach Towards Generating Electricity Using Vibration And Noise
Abhijeet Mhasde , Sohel Sutar, Naved Tamboli, Sachin Randive, Juee Athalye, Kiran Ghorpade
57-60 pdf pdf
10. Expert Advisor in Foreign Exchange Using Triple Moving Average Crossover Method
Dadang Syarif Sihabudin Sahid, Fahmi Zulkarnain
61-66 pdf pdf
11. Experimental and CFD Analysis of Solar Water Desalination System
P.Vijay, R.Ranjith kumar, C.Prasanth, R.Hariharan, S.Vadivel murugan
67-72 pdf pdf
12. Design And Analysis Of Double pipe counter flow heat exchanger Using Ansys Fluent Software
73-81 pdf pdf

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1. A Case Study on Ichthyofaunal Diversity in Fresh Water Ansupa Lake, Banki, Odisha
Dr. Sashi Bhushan Mohapatra
01-04 pdf pdf
2. Effectively Used Industrial Waste As Fine Aggregate In Concrete: A Review
S.Raja, B.Vidivelli
05-09 pdf pdf
3. False Information Discovery System Using Machine Learning
Miss. Arti Desai, Miss. Monali Deshmane, Miss. Anjali Borade, Miss. Rutuja Sonawane, Prof. S. K. Thakare
10-14 pdf pdf
4. Routing path calculation of a 5-dimensional hypercube using linear threshold logic of an emerging Technology
Dr. Anup Kumar Biswas
15-33 pdf pdf
5. Digital Forensic Investigation in Cold Technology Phases
Saleh Ousman
34-36 pdf pdf
6. Structural Health Monitoring
Saurabh Kedar, Abhishek Sudake, Abhishek Devsale, Rahim Tamboli
37-39 pdf pdf
7. S100B A Cause and Consequence Relationship in Alzheimer Disease
Yousef .Sawikr, Faraj A. Alsarrah, Samir Elmrghni, Khlid G A Lqathafy
40-45 pdf pdf
8. Comparative Analysis of Conventional Structure and Diagrid Structure
46-53 pdf pdf
9. Study on Treatment of Vijayapur Municipal Solid Waste Land fill Leachate using Up-flow reactors with low cost waste Adsorbent Materials
Chetan M, Jyoti M, Kavita N, Sunil G, Vishal J
54-56 pdf pdf
10. Multi Cloud Computing Privacy with Swarm Intelligence Based Threshold Secret Sharing
Rupani Ranjith Kumar, Sabavath Raju, E. Muralidhar Reddy
57-61 pdf pdf
11. Analysis of Surface Water Quality of Lake Ana Sagar
Gahna Ajmera, Chhavi Solanki, Rohit Singh
62-68 pdf pdf
12. Verilog Implementation of Hamming Code for Error Control Coding
M A Muneeb, Namratha S
69-73 pdf pdf
13. Sustainability Criteria for Accessing Nanotechnology Applicability In Karnataka Milk Factory (Dairy), Wastewater Treatment
Ahmed Parvez Nagarboudi, Nisarga Chavan, Abusafiyan, Arif Ahmed Khan4
74-83 pdf pdf
14. Explotary Probe On Strengths And It's Properties Of Reprocessed Aggregate Concrete
Mubarak, Saddam Masali, Nisarga Chavan
84-105 pdf pdf

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1. Effect of Curing On Strenghth of Retempered Concrete
Prof. P. G. Siddam, Mr. Waghmare Amar, Mr. Bansode Premkumar, Mr. Manjare Anup, Mr. Bhore Prajwal, Mr. Rathod Vinod, Mr. Shete Pritam, Mr. Birajdar Vishwaraj, Miss. Khandare Someshwari
01-03 pdf pdf
2. State of the art of solar missions in the 20th century
H.N. Singh, Kanishka Singh
04-11 pdf pdf
3. Experimental Study of Heat transfer and friction factor in Double pipe Heat Exchanger using Twisted Tape with different groove angle of V-cut at constant depth
Chandan Upadhyay, Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh
12-18 pdf pdf
4. A Research Framework for Business Analytics in the Indian Retail Industry
19-23 pdf pdf
5. "The Morphology Distribution Plasma in the Magnetosphere in large Geomagnetic Storms with different Solar Transients and Long-Term Semi-Annual Variations"
S.K.Pandey, B.S. Chauhan
24-28 pdf pdf
6. New Way to Control Electron-Phonon Interaction
in Quantum Wells

A.Yu. Maslov, O.V. Proshina
29-33 pdf pdf
7. Modeling of PERC Solar Cell using Atlas-TCAD
Tahreem Baidar, Muhammad Nadeem
34-37 pdf pdf
8. The Risk and Return of Game(NFT)
Sina Osivand
38-40 pdf pdf
9. Design and Evaluation of FFT Based FMCW Radar For Range Detection Under Noisy Environment
Bhattacharya D M, Abdul Samee Khan
41-47 pdf pdf
10. Intruder Detection and Abnormal Activity Monitoring System for Campus Using Machine Learning
Raykar Abhishek, PadoleRudrakshi, Palekar Ketki
48-52 pdf pdf
11. Performance of Concrete Tunnel Systems Subject To Fault Displacment
Ashutosh Garg, Mr Murli Chourasiya,Mr. Rahul Satbhaiya
53-59 pdf pdf
12. Correlation of Concrete Quality to Water Seepage on Reinforced Concrete Slab Roofs
Asmadi, Susi Hariyani, Nizar, Iin Arianti
60-66 pdf pdf
13. Enhancing the Performance of STBC-OFDM System by using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Noor-Us-Sabah Khan, Ashish pouranik
67-73 pdf pdf
14. Evolution of the concept of work done and Kinetic Energy
H.N. Singh, Kanishka Singh
74-75 pdf pdf

1. An Empirical study on business schools offering management education with respect to aspirants from Bengaluru city
Mr.Arifulla, Mr.Jai Sai Rakshith, Mr Prithwiraj Das
01-06 pdf pdf
2. An Empirical comparative study of Masters of Business Administration offered by premier colleges in bengaluru with special emphasis on XIME & IIMB
Mr Charan Kumar, Mr Pramod Kumar Naik, Mr Prithwiraj Das
07-12 pdf pdf
3. An Empirical study on Indian Education System with special emphasis on Masters of Business Administration
Mr. Nisarg Darji, Mr. Aadhish Rahul, Mr Prithwiraj Das
13-16 pdf pdf
4. An empirical study on supply chain management with special emphasis on free deliveries with respect to online shopping in India
Ms Poojitha Ghat Sridhar, Mr Prithwiraj Das
17-19 pdf pdf
5. An Empirical comparative study on impact of Masters of Business Administration & Post Graduate Diploma in Management on careers within Bengaluru city
Mr Prathmesh Walunjkar, Mr Shivam Wasule, Prof Prithwiraj Das
20-25 pdf pdf
6. An Empirical study on dynamic impact on careers post Masters of Business Administration with respect to aspirants from Bengaluru city
Ms Anshi Singh, Mr Stephen Koshy, Mr Prithwiraj Das
26-29 pdf pdf
7. An Empirical comparative study on traditional & online Masters of Business Administration with special emphasis on Bengaluru city
Mr. Gundluru Mahammad Wahab, Mr. Mangesh Kumar Joshi, Mr Prithwiraj Das
30-33 pdf pdf
8. Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Secondary Schools Students Biology Performance in WASCE in BirninKebbi, Nigeria
Barade, Bello, Besse, Sani Isa, Ibrahim, Ismail Ushe, Zayyanu Umar,
Shehu, Adamu Alhaji
34-40 pdf pdf
9. Treatment of VIJAYAPUR City Domestic Wastewater by Moving Bed Sequential Batch Reactor
Chetan M, Mahamedrasool A P, Sushmita K, Reeta N, Satish Y
41-45 pdf pdf
10. Impact of Eco-Tourism in Baripada
Sanket Prakash Kela, Ar. Kaustubh Dixit, Ar. Sonali Chaskar, Ar. Dipeeka Arbatti, Ar. Kapil Burhade
46-56 pdf pdf
11. Fuzzy Logic Algorithm Testing For Detecting Air Flashing
Dwi Kartinah
57-60 pdf pdf