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Current Issue : Volume-10 ~ Issue-8

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1. Water Pollution and treatment-A Review
Monika Agarwal, Lokesh Sexana
01-04 pdf pdf
2. The Study on Child Abuse in India
05-14 pdf pdf
3. Performance Evaluation of Concrete By Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregates With Iron ore Tailings And Areca Fibers
Chandan C S, Yogesha, Puneetha H R, Devika C R, Madhu N
15-19 pdf pdf
4. Using ETAB, Analysis and design a residential building
Mohit Kumar, Ankit Kumar
20-24 pdf pdf
5. An investigational study on "Litracon"
Rakesh Kumar, Shubhada S. Jamadade
25-28 pdf pdf
6. The Importance of Business Communication to the Students of Humanities and Science in Arts and Science Colleges – A Study
Dr. Rajendran M, Bavani R, Anbarasi R, Diviya Bharathi R
29-31 pdf pdf
7. The Relevance of Language Learning To Improve Communicative Englishin Arts and Science Colleges – A Study
Dr. Rajendran M, Bavani R, Anbarasi R, Diviya Bharathi R
32-34 pdf pdf
8. Efforts of Fintech Institutions in the development of Financial Inclusion in Indian Financial Market
Kunal Tiwari, Neha Gayakwad, Rishabh Pare
35-37 pdf pdf
9. Effect of Earthquake Resistant System on Vertically Geometric Irregular RC Tall Building
Krishnkant Deshmukh, Prof. Ajay Hamane
38-46 pdf pdf
10. Judicial Review
Ashu Bhargava, S.K.Bose
47-51 pdf pdf
11. Analysis of Building in Hilly Areas under the Earthquake Excitation and Wind Load
52-58 pdf pdf
12. Design and Analysis of a Set of Press Tools for Cable Bracket
Subrahmanya S, Dr. R. Nagaraja
59-70 pdf pdf
13. Res Ne Xt Model for Ear Recognition and Classification Based on Deep Learning
Manvendra singh, Dr Dushyant singh
71-78 pdf pdf
14. Optimization and Prediction of Melting Temperature of Mild Steel Weldment, Using Genetic Algorithm
Sibete.G, Worgu.F
79-84 pdf pdf
15. Combined Perturb and Observe and Artificial Neural Network Approach for Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic system under uniformly shaded conditions
85-92 pdf pdf
16. A Study on Consumer Behaivour towards Aavin Milk in Coimbatore
KAVITHANJALI.K, Mr. V. Harikrishnan
93-126 pdf pdf
17. Effects of 5G Technology and its Challenges
Dr R Shankar, Dr S Duraisamy
127-134 pdf pdf
18. Numerical Simulation to Investigate the Effect of Internal Connections on Displacement of Flexural Beams
Nguyen Quang Hung
135-138 pdf pdf
19. Credit Card Fraud Detection Techniques: A Review
139-146 pdf pdf
20. A Study to Establish Normative Data of Box and Block Test for Manual Dexterity in Children with 12-16 Years of Age
Dr. Jaya Makhija, Dr. Amit M. Patel
147-150 pdf pdf
21. Application of Non-Contact Infrared Thermography Technique for Gas Turbine Blades
M. Mahesh Kumar, R. Markandeya, M.S.Rawat
151-155 pdf pdf
22. Cassava Peel Ash as Void filler for Flexible Pavement Surface Course: Case Study of Heavy Traffic Volume
K. I. Amadi-Oparaeli, C. G. Otto
156-159 pdf pdf
23. Public Transport Sector Development in Port Harcourt,A Road Map for Reducing Traffic Congestion
Otto, C. G., Awarri, A. W.
160-164 pdf pdf
24. Risk Analysis of Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines Due to Hazards
Prayaal Gautam, Rupesh Kumar Khutey, Susanta Kumar Rath, Akash Srivastava, Vikash Kumar Singh
165-176 pdf pdf
25. Identification Hazards and Risk Assessment in Power Plant
Susanta Kumar Rath, Rupesh Kumar Khutey, Prayaal Gautam, Akash Srivastava, Vikash Kumar Singh
177-185 pdf pdf
26. Various techniques for dehydration of fruit juices: A review
Mahek Khan, Shoeb Khan, Manisha Bagal
186-190 pdf pdf
27. Experimental InvestigationOnConcrete Using Bamboo As A Partial Replacement For Coarse Aggregate
Chandan CS, Vanithashree CL, Rekha BG, Manojkumar R, Prayag Gowda
191-195 pdf pdf
28. Manufacturing of bricks using sewage sludge
Ajith Kumar R, Nagendra Prasad B, Punitha K, Lakshmi C N, Jayasimha R N
196-203 pdf pdf
29. Weather Conditions and Driving Safety of Hazardous Materials Transport
X. G. Zhang, Z. Cao, Z. Chen, R. Chen, B. Tian, Q.Y. Hui, Helix Xie, Ning Zhou, Yiping Zeng, Sumei Xia, Yihu Zheng, Guangpu Zhang, Kang Yao, Shuashua Mao
204-207 pdf pdf
30. A Study On Ethics And Corporate Social Responsibility On Social & Development And Application Value
C. Agnaisglory, E. Divyasri, Dr. M. Ishwarya
208-210 pdf pdf
31. Identification Of Factory Complaint Grounded On Image Detection: A Comparsion Of Deep Learning And Machine Learning Algorthims
N. Vaishnavi, P. Padmini, K.Chaithanya
211-214 pdf pdf