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Volume-8 ~ Issue-8

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1. Feasibility Study for the Reuse of a Steel Offshore Platform as the Base of a Wind Tower
Vencislau Manuel Quissanga, Elson Antonio do Nascimento, Nelson Szilard Galgoul
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2. Democratisation or Denial of Knowledge
Georgina N. Sitali-Mubanga, Desalu D Denuga
07-15 pdf pdf
3. Migration patterns and its impact on Urbanization and urban housing. A study of Hyderabad metropolitan area
Dr. Ramesh Raghavendran, E. Lalitha Reddy
16-25 pdf pdf
4. Mercury Induced Changes in Hepatopancreas And Gonads Of Fresh Water Bivalve Lamellidens Marginalis
G. D. Suryawanshi, S. G. Kamble
26-30 pdf pdf
5. A New Approach for Developing SMART DEPARTMENT
Ajish Antony, Amal Alby, Gokul Babu, Jill Antony, Paul P Mathai
31-38 pdf pdf
6. Fault Identification and Remote Operation of Receiving Substation and Auxiliary Substation Using Iot
Rajat Sangolkar, Prof. R.M.Bhombe, Prof. A.S.Welankiwar
39-44 pdf pdf
7. The use of Eucalyptus dives and Pennyroyal oil in the synthesis of piperitone epoxide (C10H6O2) and P-menthane-8-thiol-3-one (C10H18OS)
Abubakar Sani, Muhammad Sulaiman Rahama
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