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Volume-6 ~ Issue-7 ~ July 2018

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Effect of Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Silicate on Early Strength Characteristics of GGBS based Geopolymer Concrete
01-13 pdf
2. Optimization of Steel Storage Rack Pothook Hole Base on ANSYS Workbench
Zhang Tao
14-19 pdf
3. Study on Optimum Proportion of Early-Strength Curing Agent for Soft Soil with High Moisture Content
Liu Xiuxiu
20-26 pdf
4. Kinematics Analysis and Simulation of 6-DOF Industrial Robot
Xinglu Yin
27-34 pdf
5. Observations of Interference Patterns of Sun Light During Total Solar Eclipse
Vijay T. Ingole
35-39 pdf
6. Utilization of MANOVA in investigation of the alteration of serum AST, ALT level and AST/ALT ratio among Libyan hepatitis B and C patients with or without ESRD
Hafsa A. Alemam, Abdounasser Albasher Omar, Samia Emhemmed Abadi, Milud Ahmed Salem, Basher Mansor Zwali , Laila Elghawi, Abdulla Bashein
40-45 pdf
7. Cementations, Pozzolanic and Filler Materials for DSM Binders
Nilima Baisakhi, Santosh Kumar Sahoo
46-62 pdf
8. A Survey on Data Mining & Warehousing Algorithms and its Application in Medical Science
Khitish Kumar Gadnayak, Satyajit Nayak
63-68 pdf
9. Simulation of DC-DC Converters
Radhago Vinda Das, Prakasini Pradhan, Ajit Kumar Panda, Sibaprasadsenapati
69-79 pdf
10. Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Cwv-Bann-Svm
Madhusmita Mohanty, Pradip Kumar Sahoo, Ipsita Samal, Sulochana Nanda
80-101 pdf