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IJRES :-   Volume 6 - Issue 8, August 2018   Version-1

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
2. Analysis and Design of Adsorption Systems for the Combined Removal of Arsenic and Gallium from Wastewater
Mengling Li, Kimberly L. Ogden, Farhang Shadman
01-11 pdf
2. The Influence Of Globalization In Developing Arbitration As A E-Commerce Dispute Resolution In Indonesia
Sufmi Dasco Ahmad
12-17 pdf
3. Analysis on SMV to Increase Productivity in Sewing Section: A Case Study on T-Shirt Manufacturing in Bangladesh
Faisal Bin Alam, Md. Mahmudul Hasan
18-24 pdf
4. Modeling And Simulation Of Stratified Gas-Liquid Multiphase Flow
Iluska Marques, Itallo Sampaio, Licianne Pimentel
25-29 pdf
5. Reactive Extraction Of Lactic Acid From An Alkaline Aqueous Solution With An Ammonium-Based Ionic Liquids
Nuttakul Mungma, Marlene Kienberger, Tomas Kracik, Matthaeus Siebenhofer
30-38 pdf
6. Forensic Analysis Of Telegrammessenger Desktop Inmacos
Blinded Authors
39-48 pdf
7. Experimental Investigation On Automobile Working On Addition Of HHO Fuel To Improve The Efficiency Of I C Engine
Balaji J, Dr. Nataraja MM
49-57 pdf
8. Research On End Trajectory Tracking Algorithm Of Dual-Manipulator Coordination Control Based On MPC Method
Chen Wen-hao, Wu Jian-min
58-64 pdf
9. Analysis On Common Hydraulic Balance Systems Used In Shield
Ye Yizhou
65-71 pdf
10. Assessment Of The Ways Of Reducing Accidents Associated With Motorcycle As A Means Of Transportation In Bariga Local Government Area Of Lagos State, Nigeria
Abe J. B., Okorafor U., Karim A.M., Akinsanya T., Ogunjirin5, O.
72-78 pdf
11. Upgrading Of The Existing Analog Radiography System To Digital And Comparison Of Both Systems
Omer Karal, Nazime Tokgoz
79-85 pdf
12. Automation And Signal Processing Of A Radio Telescope
Anujmalve, Chinmaykhole
86-90 pdf
13. Effect Of Talc On The Physıcal, Mıcrostructural And Mechanıcal Propertıes Of Reactıon Sıntered Zırconıa Toughened Mullıte Composıtes
H.Aydın, G.Tokatas
91-97 pdf

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