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IJRES :-   Volume 6 - Issue 4, April 2018   Version-1

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. 6-Tier Architecture in Minimizing the Prevalent Of Tertiary Examination Malpractices
Ejiofor C. I, Mgbeafuluike .I .J
01-05 pdf
2. Environmental Significance of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation
Zhao Zheng-Hua, Hang Lu-Bin, Liu Zi-Yu, Hui Fu-Xuan, Dong Hao-Nan, Wang
Tao-Bo, Liu Xu-Yang
06-08 pdf
3. Research on Solar Panel Cleaning System in Frozen Environment for Distributed Photovoltaic Generation
Zhaozheng-Hua, Hang Lu-Bin, Ma Chao-Qun, Hui Fu-Xuan, Dong
Hao-Nan, Wang Tao-Bo, Liu Xu-Yang
09-14 pdf
4. Research on Intelligent Vehicle Pedestrian Detection Technology
Wei Zhou, SuYun Luo
15-19 pdf
5. The Design and Realization of PKE System Based On ARM9
Tong-Feitu,Su-Yun Luo
20-26 pdf
6. Review on Size Sampling Frameworks for North Atlantic Albacore of Taiwanese Logline Fleets
Feng-Chen Chang, shean-Ya Yeh
27-41 pdf
7. Industrial Ethernet Communication Network Design
Xu Pengfei, Zhang Jing, Yin Tengfei, Qian Xiaoxiao, Yang Yong
42-46 pdf
8. Real-Time Web Based Water Flow Detection Instrumentation System In Regional Water Servicein Indonesia
Zamroni, Subkhan, Santoso, Didik R., Yudaningtyas, Erni
47-53 pdf
9. The Effect Of Proton And Water Molecule On Watson Crick Hydrogen Bonds And The Formation Of Cytosine(C)- Thymine(T) Base Pairs
T.K.Barman, J. Basumatary, R.S.Baruah, R.Kalita, C Medhi
54-65 pdf
10. Wireless Communication Using Zigbee Module and Aurdino
M.Satya Sai Ram, D.Lavanya, T.Seshu Babu, B.Manasa
66-70 pdf
11. Modification Of The Surface Properties Of (Gelatin-Tannic Acid)Nmultilayered Films By Hydrogenophosphate Anions
Vincent Ball
71-77 pdf
12. Covalent Immobilization of Furanone Derivatives for the Inhibition of Biofilm Formation on Implant Surfaces
Emrah Yelboğa, Binnur Aydogan Temel, Nevin Gül Karagüler, Melek Tüter
78-87 pdf
13. Research on Wear Based On MMS-2A Friction Tester
Amarbat, Jinxiaoyi
88-90 pdf


S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Torque Management Strategy of Pure Electric Vehicle Based On Fuzzy Control
Sun Jikang, Chen Lingshan
01-09 pdf
2. The Universal Law Of The Scientific Productivity Distribution In Academic Institutions
JiříSouček, Martin Souček
10-19 pdf
3. Research on Vehicle Target Detection Method Based On Deep Convolution Neural Network
Xu Le, Liu Xiang, Zhang Hua
20-24 pdf
4. Real Time Traffic Control to Optimize Waiting Time of Vehicles at A Road Intersection
Yogeswary Raviraj, W.B.Daundasekera
25-33 pdf
5. The Integration Of Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) As An Analytical Lens In Science Lesson Presentation For Effective And Quality Delivery Of Science Concept
Desalu. Denuga, James. Abah
34-42 pdf
6. Repeated Damage Of Fulbari By-Pass Road: Causes & Measures For Restoration
Dr. Manas Kumar Mukherjee
43-48 pdf
7. A Dynamic Scheduling Optimization Model (DSOM)
Joshua Agola, George Raburu
49-60 pdf
8. Investigation Of Face Detection Methods
Atakan Kaplan, Ahmet Cınar
61-65 pdf
9. Offside Detection in the Game of Football Using Contour Mapping
Pratik N Patil, Rebecca J Salve, Karanjit R Pawar, Prof. Mrs. M.P. Atre
66-69 pdf
10. Image Segmentation Algorithm Based On Improved Constrained Chicken Swarmoptimization Algorithm
Yingjie Zhang
70-76 pdf
11. Research on Pedestrian Protection of C-NCAP
Ji Haitao, Hu Ning
77-83 pdf

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