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Volume-8 ~ Issue-7

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1. Experimental Research of Saw Dust as Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate in Production of Sandcrete Hollow Blocks in Nigeria
ADENAIYA, Olumide ,A, UGOCHUKWU, Robert .U, OYEWOLE, Adedayo. M
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2. Assessment of Awareness and Compliance to Government Regulation Policy Aspect on Quality Control of Building Projects in the Nigerian Construction Industry
Opara Hyginus Emeka
08-16 pdf pdf
3. Characterization Of Maxima Entropy Functions Using Calculus Of Variations
17-42 pdf pdf
4. An Integration Model for Non-isothermal Solidification of Multi-component Alloys in LBM with Ultrasonic Excitation
Yaoqiang Yu, Tilita George Alexandru, Wenhao Chen, Yinsheng Zhong, Robin Ma, Matthew Yuen
43-57 pdf pdf
5. Diminishing and reducing the Heat Treatment time of the Manganese Steel
Abinash Samanta , Radha krushna sahoo, Swetapadma mishra, Jyoti prakash mishra
58-61 pdf pdf
6. Understudies satellite by Institutions from India
Mousumi Panda, Rama Chandra Parida Satyaban Sahu, Kunal Chatarjee
62-64 pdf pdf
7. Wellsprings and non-conventional source of energy
Biswa Ranjan Parida, Madan Mohan Sahu Kedarnath Hota, Soumik kumar Swain
65-67 pdf pdf
8. Investigation of processing time and molecule size nano molecule from α-Al2O3
Prassana Kumar Rout, Chittaranjan Kumar and Ayusman Nayak, Gagan Munda
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