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IJRES   //   Volume-7 ~ Issue-4 ~ 2019

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1. Numerical Analysis on the Correlation between Wind Flow and Temperature Variation in High-Rise Apartment
Naining Liu, Young-Gil Lee, Jin-Do Chung
01-05 pdf
2. Catalytic Wet Oxidation of Phenol on Supported Platinum Catalysts
Dul-Sun Kim, Dong-Keun Lee
06-11 pdf
3. Obtaining Hydrocarbon Rich Bio-Oil Via Catalytic Co-Pyrolysis of Plastic Wastes And Spirulina Sp. Microalgae
Gamze Özçakır, Ali Karaduman
12-22 pdf
4. A Study on the Characteristics of Cow ManureDrying and Combustion
Naining Liu, Seung-Hwan Lim, Jin-Do Chung
24-29 pdf
5. Effective treatment of municipal wastewater for reuse as agricultural water with a specially designed aerated constructed wetland
Dul-Sun Kim, Dong-Keun Lee
30-36 pdf
6. The Influence of New Phonon Branches on Spinodal Decomposition of Solid Solutions
A.Yu. Maslov, O.V. Proshina
37-40 pdf
7. Blood Organ Donation Management System Using Android
Rohini Mundhe, Shubham Newaskar, Prof. Sheetal Jadhav
41-44 pdf
8. Iot Devices Communication Need of Listener for Iot Device Communication
45-49 pdf
9. Numerical Study on the NOx Control in Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator by Direct Spray of Food Wastewater
Jingmei Jin, Sunghoo Kim, Jin-Do Chung
50-59 pdf
10. Empirical analysis of the effect of recommended advertisements on social media platform
Wang Yibo, Cui Xin, Li He, Li Ran, Zhang Yuzhuo, Chang Xiaolin
60-70 pdf
11. Latest Developments and Advancements in Composite Materials
Ramachandra Parida, Chitta Ranjan Nayak, Amit kumar
71-77 pdf
12. Plan, operation and Performance Analysis of the adhesive factory commissioning Cooling Tower
Radha Krushna Sahu, Biswa Bihari Rath, Milan bhusal
78-84 pdf
13. Fluffy Based Programming Cost Assessment for Non Algorithmic Methodology
Madan Mohan Sahu, Kedarnath Hota, Sitakanta Nayak
85-92 pdf
14. Examination of Chip Breaker and Its Effect in Turning Operations
Kedarnath Hota , Madan Mohan Sahu, Subham Das
93-100 pdf