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IJRES   //   Volume-7 ~ Issue-3 ~ 2019

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1. Small strain stiffness of loessic soils across South East England
Haaris Nobee-Fox, Arya Assadi-Langroudi
01-16 pdf
2. High Efficiency Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Energy —A Promising Alternative Energy for the Arabian Gulf Climate
Engineer Mahnaz Qabazard, Dr. Saleh M Sbenaty
17-38 pdf
3. A Model for Using Teams as Boundary Personnel
Dr. Thomas M. Rogers
39-44 pdf
4. Assessment of Road Vulnerability to Flood: A Case Study
Adewara M. Babalola, Odeyemi K. Abilodun
45-50 pdf
5. Cellular Neural Network and Application in Animation Proccessings
Thanh-Tung Cap, Hien-Trinh Nguyen
51-61 pdf
6. Electrodeposition of pyrocatechol based films is influenced differently by cationic and anionic surfactants
Vincent BALL
62-68 pdf
7. Mapping Spatiotemporal Land Use Land CoverDynamics of Yewa South LGA of Ogun State for Urbanization Monitoring
Adewara M.B, Oyewole A.M., Adenaiya O.O
69-79 pdf
8. Tri-Tilter Mechanism: A Review
Manash Dey, Shivam Kumar, Somnath Roy, Prateek Pawar, Amit Kumar, Mudit Sharma
80-83 pdf