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Volume-6 ~ Issue-4 ~ April 2018

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. 6-Tier Architecture in Minimizing the Prevalent Of Tertiary Examination Malpractices
Ejiofor C. I, Mgbeafuluike .I .J
01-05 pdf
2. Environmental Significance of Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation
Zhao Zheng-Hua, Hang Lu-Bin, Liu Zi-Yu, Hui Fu-Xuan, Dong Hao-Nan, Wang
Tao-Bo, Liu Xu-Yang
06-08 pdf
3. Research on Solar Panel Cleaning System in Frozen Environment for Distributed Photovoltaic Generation
Zhaozheng-Hua, Hang Lu-Bin, Ma Chao-Qun, Hui Fu-Xuan, Dong
Hao-Nan, Wang Tao-Bo, Liu Xu-Yang
09-14 pdf
4. Research on Intelligent Vehicle Pedestrian Detection Technology
Wei Zhou, SuYun Luo
15-19 pdf
5. The Design and Realization of PKE System Based On ARM9
Tong-Feitu,Su-Yun Luo
20-26 pdf
6. Review on Size Sampling Frameworks for North Atlantic Albacore of Taiwanese Logline Fleets
Feng-Chen Chang, shean-Ya Yeh
27-41 pdf
7. Industrial Ethernet Communication Network Design
Xu Pengfei, Zhang Jing, Yin Tengfei, Qian Xiaoxiao, Yang Yong
42-46 pdf
8. Real-Time Web Based Water Flow Detection Instrumentation System In Regional Water Servicein Indonesia
Zamroni, Subkhan, Santoso, Didik R., Yudaningtyas, Erni
47-53 pdf
9. The Effect Of Proton And Water Molecule On Watson Crick Hydrogen Bonds And The Formation Of Cytosine(C)- Thymine(T) Base Pairs
T.K.Barman, J. Basumatary, R.S.Baruah, R.Kalita, C Medhi
54-65 pdf
10. Wireless Communication Using Zigbee Module and Aurdino
M.Satya Sai Ram, D.Lavanya, T.Seshu Babu, B.Manasa
66-70 pdf
11. Modification Of The Surface Properties Of (Gelatin-Tannic Acid)Nmultilayered Films By Hydrogenophosphate Anions
Vincent Ball
71-77 pdf
12. Covalent Immobilization of Furanone Derivatives for the Inhibition of Biofilm Formation on Implant Surfaces
Emrah Yelboğa, Binnur Aydogan Temel, Nevin Gül Karagüler, Melek Tüter
78-87 pdf
13. Research on Wear Based On MMS-2A Friction Tester
Amarbat, Jinxiaoyi
88-90 pdf