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Volume-5 ~ Issue-8 ~ August 2017

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Strategy of Adaptation of Traditional House Architecture Bali Aga
Dwinik Winawangsari, Himasari Hanan, Widjaja Martokusumo
01-08 pdf
2. Design of Universal Measuring Equipment for Bogie Frame
Song Jian, Huangfu Xiaoyan, Zhang Yu
09-13 pdf
3. Investigations on The Effects of Different Heat Transfer Coefficients in The Metal Machining
Chao Kong, Dazhong Wang
14-22 pdf
4. Design and Implementation Decision Support System using MADM Methode for Bank Loans
Irfan Fauzi, Hadi Suyono, Rini Nur Hasanah
23-31 pdf
5. Effect of Liquid Viscosity on Sloshing in A Rectangular Tank
Eiji Suzuki
32-39 pdf
6. Developing A Prediction Model for Tensile Elastic Modulus of Steel Fiber – Cement Stabilized Laterite Used As Pavement Material
Ekwulo E. O, Igwe E. A
40-44 pdf
7. Injection Analysis of 5 Mwp Photovoltaic Power Plant on 20 Kv Distribution Network In Kupang
BaktiIndraKurniawan, Hadi Suyono, HarrySoekotjo Dachlan
45-50 pdf
8. Yield Forecasting to Sustain the Agricultural Transportation Under Stochastic Environment
Nimish Dharmadhikari, Kambiz Farahmand, EunSu Lee, Kimberly Vachal, David Ripplinger
51-60 pdf
9. Decision Support System Implementation for Candidate Selection of the Head of Affairs in Bintaldam Vbrawijaya Using Group Technology And Decision Table
Damayanti, Retno, Rahmadwati, Dachlan, Harry Soekotjo
61-67 pdf
10. Harmonic Analysis of distribution System Due to Embedded Generation Injection
Achadiyah A.N, Suyono H, Hasanah R. N
68-73 pdf
11. Injection Analysis of Hera And Betano New Power Plants At the Interconnection System in Edtl of Timor Leste
Francisco Salsinha Martins, Hadi Suyono, Wijono
74-86 pdf
12. Effect of Tempering Temperatures on Mechanical Properties for Medium Carbon Steel
Dr. Zeyad D. Kadhim, Dr. Mohammed Abdulraoof Abdulrazzaq
87-93 pdf
13. A Study on the Influence of wireless Communication Environment on Speech Recognition Performance
Seung Ho Choi
94-96 pdf


14. Necessary Study on the Behavior of Polyethylene Pipes under the Action of Accidental External Mechanical Factors
Eugen Avrigean, Valentin Stefan Oleksik, Mihaela Oleksik
01-07 pdf
15. Simulation of the Mechanical Behavior of Polyethylene Pipes In The Static And Dynamic Field
Eugen Avrigean, Adrian Marius Pascu, Mihaela Oleksik
15-21 pdf
16. Conduct of Mechanical Tests Simulating the Accidental Action of External Mechanical Factors
Eugen Avrigean, Adrian Marius Pascu, Valentin Stefan Oleksik
22-29 pdf
17. Finite Element Simulation of SiC Ceramics Grinding with Single Diamond
Ji Chunyun Jin Xiaoyi
30-33 pdf
18. Active Compensation of Thermal Deformation in Machining Process
Dong-Hoon Kim, Jun-Yeob Song
34-41 pdf
19. Power Transformer Fault Diagnosis based on Deep Learning
Liu Bingyao, Wu Leibin
42-48 pdf
20. Experiments Directly Demonstratingt that the Speed of Light is Independent of the Velocity of the Source: An Experimental Fact or A Misconception
V.V. Apollonov, Yu.P. Voinov
49-45 pdf
21. Risperidone And Aripiprazole Playing A Important Role in Pharmacological Therapy of Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Global Overview
Felipe Carmo de Moura, Juan de Sá Roriz Caminha, Fátima Virgínia Gama Justi, Dulce Maria Nascimento Coelho, Ana Carolina Benício Alves, Lianna Cavalcante Pereira, Erika Clemente Lima Machado, Daniel Vieira Pinto, Cristhyane Costa de Aquino,Wilson Max Almeida de Moares
56-60 pdf