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Volume-5 ~ Issue-11 ~ November 2017

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Surver on Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
ZhiWen Dai, Yan Cui
01-05 pdf
2. Influence of Solar Incidence on Thermal Environment of Passenger Compartment
Xiupeng Ding, Lei Liu
06-08 pdf
3. Stability of Hopfield Lineal Network in Continuous Time
Silvestre Ascención García Sánchez, María Dolores Zamorano Saavedra,
José Luis Calderón Osorno
09-14 pdf
4. Designing Suitable Model for The Indonesian Social Security Agency in Relation to Health Fund Management
Djuwityastuti, Wida Astuti, Pujiyono
15-22 pdf
5. Sound-Quality Prediction for Vehicle Cooling fan Noise Based on BP Neural Network Model
Yang Hai-bo, Xu Wenxiang, Chen ling-shan
23-26 pdf
6. The Effect on Performance of NCR Battery for Temperature And Rating
Yu Zhang, Bixiong Huang, Ying Wang, Dongzheng Wang
27-31 pdf
7. Validation of an Unrestricted DMC Controller Implemented on Raspberry PI III
Walter Luiz Ferreira dos Anjos, Richard Junior Manuel Godinez Tello
32-36 pdf
8. 3D Fragment Matching Based on Contours in Reverse Engineering
Da Li , Xu Zhang
37-42 pdf
9. Holographic Computation of Three-dimensional Objects
XueyingXu, YongKong, YangLiu, GuoXu
43-51 pdf
10. Mathematics - A Blend of Common Pebbles And Costly Chrystals
Tanuja hemchand
52-53 pdf
11. Improvement of Supply Chain Management By Using Various Methods
Ramendra Kumar Visen, Sharmistha Singh, Anurag Shrivastava
54-70 pdf