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Volume-5 ~ Issue-10 ~ October 2017

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Differential Evolution Algorithm Based On Information Extraction Strategy
Dapian Zhang, Liming Zheng
01-09 pdf
2. Simulation and Analysis of Hybrid Magnetic Bearing for High Speed Spindles
Shamin M K
10-16 pdf
3. Numerical Modeling to Determine the Mechanical Behavior of Polyurethane Foams
Duong Pham Tuong Minh, Luong Viet Dung
17-22 pdf
4. Research on DC Charger Control Based on Expert Fuzzy PID
Yu Zhang, Bixiong Huang
23-28 pdf
5. Research on Control System of Station - type Charging Pile
Liang Sun, Bi Xiong Huang
29-34 pdf
6. Remote Monitoring System for Power Battery of Electric Vehicle
XiangXiao Guo, BiXiong Huang
35-40 pdf
7. Dissociative Excitation of the odd Quartet Levels of Cobalt Atom in e–CoCl2 Collisions
Smirnov Yu.M.
41-49 pdf
8. The Design and Research of Medical Education Learning Platform in Big Data Environment
Youliang Huang, Nan Jiao, Juan Wang, Fengying Guo, Renquan Liu
50-52 pdf
9. Design of Hydraulic Arm For Disaster Relief Robot
Wu ming en
53-59 pdf
10. A Research on Regenerative Braking Control Strategy For Electric Bus
Liu Sheng, Chen Lingshan
60-64 pdf
11. Study And Calibration on the Intake Flow Control of Multipoint Injection Gas Engine
Huang Mintao, Wu Changshui, Feng Chen, Wang Zhibin
65-69 pdf