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IJRES: (Volume 4- Issue 6, June 2016) Version-1

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Torque Sensor Data Acquisition System of Motor Test Bench Based on LabVIEW
Xie Zuoshuang, Luo Hao, Liu Miao,Huang Bixiong,Yan Xiao
01-06 pdf
2. Design And Implementation of Automotive ECU Programming System Based on The Principle of Wi-Fi Remote Communication
Lu Junwei, Gong Yuanming, Zhou Jianpeng, Li Wenjing
07-10 pdf
3. Exponential Observer for Nonlinear System Satisfying Multiplier Matrix
Wei Guo, Xiang Wu
11-17 pdf
4. Simulation And Analysis of the Magnetic Circuit of the Tester For the Yield Stress of Magnetorheological Fluid
Sun Yuxiang, Luo Yiping
18-21 pdf
5. Building A Motor Test Bench For Low Power Motor
Liu Miao, YanXiao, Huang BiXiong, Xie Zuoshuang, Luo Hao
22-26 pdf
6. Optimal Design of Fan Airflow Guiding Device in the Wood Drying Kiln
Xin-Yue Zhang Ping Yan
27-31 pdf
7. A Portable Fast Charging Power Supply Design for Lithium Battery Pack with Cell-Capacity-Balancing Method
Shichao Zhang, Wenkui Lin, Wei Yu, Xiao Yan, Youjun Zhu, Ying Wang, Xiang Zhang
32-36 pdf
8. Review of development and status of a rotary joint
Sixuan Ma, Jianmin Wu, Zhiguan Zhou, Hongming Li
37-42 pdf
9. Thermal Properties of Cu2+-Montmorillonite After Interaction with Aromatic Compounds
Janíková Veronika, Jóna Eugen, Janík Róbert, Pavlík Viliam
43-47 pdf
10. Investigation of Heat Flow, Thermal Shock Resistance And Electrical Conductivity oof Al 6061-Silicon Carbide-Graphite Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites
S A Mohan Krishna, T N Shridhar, L Krishnamurthy
48-55 pdf