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IJRES: (Volume 4- Issue 5, May 2016) Version-3

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Application of Improved Smith Predictive Control Compensation Scheme In Multi Point Temperature Control System
Yuan Chengfei, Lei Juyang, Lu Zhihao, Han Hongwei
01-05 pdf
2. Research of 3D Irregular Fragment Reassembly Technique in Reverse Engineering
NIE Bo-lin, ZHANG Xu, CHE Xuan-lin
06-10 pdf
3. Attitude Calibration Study on Agricultural Machinery Navigation
Chengyu Gu, Zhifeng Zhou,Yue Xu, Jingjie Chai
11-19 pdf
4. Review of the Hot Rolling Steel Strip Rust Removal Technology
He Zhu, Min-Liang Zhang, Guo-Kui Zhu
20-26 pdf
5. A New Vehicle Detection Method For Blind Spot Detection System Based On DSP
Sen Li
27-29 pdf
6. The Reconstruction of Noise Acoustic Fields of Interior of the Car Based on LMS Virtual.Lab
Zhang Wenping, Qi Hongzhong
30-34 pdf
7. Harvesting Energy Density Performance Of Cantilevered Piezoelectric Transducers
Jiajie Li, Huazhi Wu, Canfeng Chen
35-41 pdf
8. Case Study: Alomertex Factory for Textile and Ready Clothes
Mohamed Kamaleldin Idris Bashier , Hamid Mohamed Mustafa , Abdelsalam Abdelmagid Elamin
42-44 pdf
9. The Design And Analysis of Automotive Electronic PCB
Mengrong Xiong´╝îWenjing Li
45-47 pdf
10. A Hybrid of Particle Swarm Optimization And Genetic Algorithm for Training Back-Propagation Neural Network
NIE Shan-Kun, WANG Yu-Jia, XIAO Shanli, Chen Ke
48-58 pdf