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IJRES: (Volume 4- Issue 5, May 2016) Version-1

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S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Modern Scientific Researches and Research Methods in
Computer Science

Shaikh Afroz Fatima Muneeruddin
01-07 pdf
2. Experimental Study on Microstructure of Magnetorheological

Shao Jun, Luo Yiping, Ren Hongjuan
08-14 pdf
3. DCT shift system based on fuzzy logic research
Xian Zhang Bian,Pei Teng Zhao,Yuan Chao Mu
15-19 pdf
4. A turning over mechanism based on a parallel quadrilateral
protection nested

Zhiwei Zheng, Dashu Li , Xingqi Qiu
20-27 pdf
5. The Design of Online Monitoring System of Low-Voltage Switch

Wang Wei-guang,CHENG Wu-shan
28-32 pdf
6. Differential Evolution And Disparity Line Utilization Factor Based
Congestion Management Of Power System With Interline Power
Flow Controller

Ms. Sajna Soman, Ms. Rinku Scaria
33-38 pdf
7. The Research of Cycloid Rotational Processing Technology
Gu Jiayi, Hang Lubin,Huangfu Yabo,Lu Jiuru, Peng Liyang, Hu Wenhao, Ye Lijie
39-47 pdf
8. In Application Programming Based on CCP
Fang Hongqing, Lu Junwei, Xiong Mengrong
48-53 pdf
9. Review on Genetic Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Lu Yu-Lin, Zhao Chun-Hua
54-58 pdf
10. The influence of laser surface texturing on sliding bearings
working performance

Lin Kaiyi,Hang Lubin, ding honghan,Mao Jiajun Qing Zhe
59-65 pdf