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S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. An alternative method to evaluate Threshold Criteria in image
segmentation using ROC analysis

Sonia Nardotto, Giorgia D'Angelo
01-07 pdf
2. Prediction Based Link Stability Analysis In Markov
Decision Process

Meenakshi Subramanian,MR.S.M.Balamurugan
08-13 pdf
3. Study on application of intelligent electronic devices in medicine
Youliang Huang, Xing Zhai*, Fengying Guo, Sajid Ali, Renquan Liu
14-18 pdf
4. Statistical measurements for Comparison between Mazhar-Eslam
Variability Frequency and other old Algorithms for accurate
diagnosis of heart diseases

Mazhar B. Tayel and Eslam I AlSaba
19-24 pdf
5. Contingency Analysis of the Nigeria 330kv Grid System (postreform)
Using Power World Simulator

Daniel A F, Ezechukwu O A, Aghara j
25-34 pdf
6. Towards the Experimental Studies of a Web-based Platform for

Dimitris Halvatzaras & Katerina Kabassi
35-49 pdf
7. A Drain Current Model for Symmetric Double-Gate Polysilicon
Thin-Film Transistors

Song Lin Chen
50-59 pdf
8. Simple Applications of Solidworksin Design of Products
GAO Yunlu, Zhang Chunyan*, HE Junhui, ZHAO Junhao, ZHANG Hongliang
60-67 pdf
9. Projection of Macroeconomic Impacts on The
Toll Plazas Waiting Time Queueing: A Case Study In Brazil

Mariana Gonçalves de Carvalho Wolff*, Marco Antonio Farah Caldas
68-80 pdf
10 Development and Study of Hardware in Loop Simulation
Lei Tang, SuYun Luo, Wei Zhou, TongFei Tu
81-84 pdf