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(Volume 3- Issue 8, August 2015)

Version 1 Version 2
S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. The reviewe of the Camshift algorithm and its improved algorithm of target tracking research
Feng Gan
01-06 pdf
2. The Overview of Cloud Manufacturing Technology Research
Lan Xiao-gang, Mao Jian
07-14 pdf
3. A Novel Remote Center-of Motion Parallel manipulator for Minimally Invasive Celiac Surgery
Zhu Yun-ping, Zhang Fan
15-19 pdf
4. Multi resolution defect transformation of the crack under different angles
Gao Kun Chen Hao, Zhang Shengwei, Duan Yu, Zhang Wen-Ping
20-24 pdf
6. The application of product innovation design based on Tacit Knowledge
Zhang Jianmin, Zhou Jun
33-42 pdf
7. General stiffness model for five-axis CNC machining
Chen Yang, Zhang Liqiang, Li Dong
43-47 pdf
8. Determination of Buckling Loads of Wave Spring Using ANSYS
Dr P. Ravinder Reddy, V. Mukesh Reddy
48-56 pdf
9. Evaluating on flight simulator fidelity based on fuzzy algorithm
Wu Keting, He Fajiang
57-60 pdf
10. Suspended Sediment Rating Curve for Tigris River Upstream Al- Betera Regulator
Ass.Prof. Dr. Thair S. Khayyun, Nezar H.Mouhammed
61-65 pdf
11. Analysis of the Influence of Piston Cooling Cavity on Its Temperature Field
QijieLi, Changshui Wu
66-71 pdf