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(Volume 3- Issue 6, June 2015)

Version 1 Version 2 Version 3
S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. The identification of key quality characteristics based on FAHP
Chen Dejia,Mao Jian
01-07 pdf
2. Design and Identification of the Train Model in Automatic Train Operation (ATO) Simulation Platform
Qian li, Xu guoping
08-11 pdf
3. A Study in Various Techniques, Advances and Issues Used for Rock Masses
Behzad Kalantari, Hasan Jamali
12-20 pdf
4. DosimetricContributionof the Organs ofthe BiokineticsofI-123 and Tc-99m in ThyroidDose ofChildren 1 to5 years
M.V. Vásquez, R.M. Quispe, C.E. Castillo, D.M.Abanto, J.A. Rocha, R.G. Rojas1, F.Marquez
21-24 pdf
5. The Application of Gyro in Vehicle Angle Measurement
WANG Chao-yang, ZHOU Zhi-feng
25-29 pdf
6. Pipeline to Hydraulic Pressure Position-Control System Performance Research
LIU Fei, WU Jian-min, XI Chuan-long, YANG Jin-ye
30-35 pdf
7. Optimal Layout of Leather Rectangular Parts based on Firefly Simulated Annealing Algorithm
HaoLiu, Jian XinQiu
36-44 pdf
8. Stabilization of Six-Legged Robot on Tilt Surface With 9 DOF IMU Based on Invers Kinematic
Sumardi, Muhammad Asrofi
45-53 pdf
9. WEDM Tension Control Simulation Based on Matlab
XI Chuan-long, WU Jian-min, LIU fei, YANG Jin-ye
54-57 pdf
10. A Study of microstructure and mechanical properties of 5083 Al-alloy welded with fiber laser welding
Zhang Dongmei, Yang Shanglei, Yang Wentao, Tuo Wenhai, Liu rui
58-62 pdf