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(Volume 3- Issue 4, April 2015)

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. The research of technology for automatically cutting Patterns' edge with edge extraction via machine vision
QIU Jian-xin,Ding Bin,GAO Fei,LI Jian
01-09 pdf
2. SMS hashing system (Real-Time) for the reliability of financial transactions
Eshwar Kumar Reddy Chyagari, Akhil Reddy Laxmanagari
10-15 pdf
3. Politeknik Kota Kinabalu Programme Exit Survey (PES) for Diploma in Electronic Engineering (Communication) DEP December 2012 Session
Engr. Nor Aizila Binti Gorep, Hazizul Bin Mohamed
16-28 pdf
4. OMR Form Inspection by Web Camera Using Shape-Based Matching Approach
AzmanTalib, Norazlina Ahmad, WoldyTahar
29-35 pdf
5. Programme Exit Survey (PES) Report
Shamsiah Binti Salamat, Sabir Bin Mohd Rani
36-43 pdf
6. Real Time Condition Monitoring of Power Plant through DNP3 Protocol
G. Sowmya Bala, M. Anvesh Babu, B. Sireesha
44-48 pdf
7. Optimal Data Collection from a Network using Probability Collectives (Swarm Based)
Abdulkadir Ahmed, Olalekan Ogunbiyi, Tahir Aduragba
49-58 pdf
8. The Development of the Multi-body System Dynamics theory and the Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation
Jing Guo, Chunhua Zhao, Yulin Lu
59-63 pdf
9. The application of Self-adaptive Fuzzy PID control the evaporator superheat
TIAN Kun, XIA Peng, HE Hong-kun
64-71 pdf
10. Modeling and Simulation of Virtual Prototype of the forming Machine based on Solid Works and ADMAS
Zhu qing-shuiSha ling
72-75 pdf
11. Android Based Switch Controlling Technique for LED BulbsUsing Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Technology
Munigoti Saikiran, Lalith Nagaram Nagarajan, Malladi Bharath, ShailendraKumar Mishra
76-80 pdf