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(Volume 3- Issue 12, December 2015)

Version 1 Version 2

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Research on the synchronous vibration of the non-integral mechanism under the vibration environment
Miao Tongye, Du Xiangyang, Luo Xuan
01-06 pdf
2. Based on the cross section contour surface model reconstruction
Feng xinghui, Zhang xu, Jin long, Liu dong
07-12 pdf
3. A novel voltage reference without the operational amplifier and resistors
Jin Ling Zhou, WanLing Deng, XiaoYu Ma, JunKai Huang
13-29 pdf
4. Design of composite digital filter with least square method parameter identification
ZHANXing, ZENG Guohui, WANG Qingzhen, OU Sheng
20-24 pdf
5. Three-dimension design of EPS
Lei Tang, Yang Chun Wu, Tong Fei Tu
25-31 pdf
6. Present Research and Developing Trends of Automobile Electronic Control Suspension
Zhengguang Yu, Bo Zhao, Peilu Jiang
32-35 pdf
7. Cold Storage Condenser Heat Recycling and Energy Saving System Research
HE Hong-kun, XIA Peng, TIAN Kun
36-40 pdf
8. Identification system of characters in vehicular plates
S. Garcia, C. Aquino, D. Samorano
41-52 pdf