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(Volume 3- Issue 11, November 2015)

Version 1 Version 2

S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Analysis of the Thermal Efficiency of Condensing Wall-Hung Boiler
01-06 pdf
2. Deformation Calculation for the Existing Tunnel Induced by Undercrossing Shield Tunneling
Wang Chun-mei, Zhang Ming-lu, He Yue-lei
07-11 pdf
3. Study on Vibration Reduction Effect of the Rail Vehicle with Axle Dynamic Vibration Absorber
LI Qiong, WEN Yong-peng, ZHOU Wei-hao, XU Xiao-jun
12-17 pdf
5. Analytical and numerical analysis of thermally developing forced convection in an annular tube filled with the porous media
Guankao Fang
22-28 pdf
6. The Design of Hydraulic Distribution Module of Subsea Distribut ion Unit
LeFang,Yan Cui
29-33 pdf
7. Automation of Material Handling: Design & Analysis of Bucket System on an Inclined Rail
Abhilasha V. Dongre, Prof. N.Y.Mohite
34-41 pdf
8. Effect of the Structure Parameters of High Pressure Common Rail System on Engine Performance
LI Hong-Ming, GUO Yun, YANG Shun-Xin
42-47 pdf
9. Analysis of main beam of bridge crane based on ANSYS
Zhou Shi-jun, Sha Ling
48-52 pdf
10. Photography Capture and Encryption on Smart Phones with Android Operating System
C. Cort├ęs, D. Zamorano, C. Aguilar
53-58 pdf
11. Direct Design of Reversible Combinational and Sequential Circuits Using PSDRM Expressions
G.Janani, S.ChandraSekhar
59-67 pdf
12. Design of Fire Systems in Nanjing Research Institute of Huawei's New Rent Engineering Office Building
WANG Jun, LI Yuan-yuan
68-75 pdf