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(Volume 3- Issue 1, January 2015)

Version 1 Version 2
S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. PDF
1. Research on Contact Characteristics between Bump End Effector and Wafer
Jiang Cheng1,Fang Song,Yigang Hu,Tao Chen
01-06 pdf
2. Investigation into the Energy Demand for Palm Nut Cracking Using the Static Impact Method
O. J. Esua, D. N. Onwe, V. E. Etuk, J. U. Okoko
07-16 pdf
3. Building an Ontology in Educational Domain Case Study for the University of Palestine
Professor Samy S. Abu Naser, Rasha R. Atallah, Sahar Hamo
17-21 pdf
4. Mobile Cloud Computing: Academic Services for Palestinian Higher Education Institutions (MCCAS)
Prof. Samy S. Abu Naser, Mahmoud Abu Ghosh, Rasha R. Atallah
22-27 pdf
5. Generic Security Framework for Multiple Heterogeneous Virtual Infrastructures
Darshan R, Chetan Raga
28-34 pdf
6. Wine from Water Melon Juice Using Palm Wine Yeast Isolate
Hafsat B. Biri, Omar G. Pan, Yahaya M. Musa, Ezeribe A.I
35-40 pdf
7. Involvement Of Insects In The Transmission Of Banana Blood Disease
Vivi B. Montong, Redsway T.D. Maramis, Jantje Pelealu, and Christina L. Salaki
41-44 pdf
8. Prime Ring With d 3n+1Contained In The Nucleus.
Y.s.n.satyanarayana1, Dr. A. Anjaneyulu#2, Dr. D.prabhakara Reddy
45-47 pdf
9. Keypad Based Bank Locker Security System Using Gsm Technology
P V L N Phani, O Narendra Kumar Reddy, R Manisha Reddy
48-53 pdf
10. Aerodynamic Analysis of Low Speed Turbulent Flow Over A Delta
Wing Sanjay Kumar Sardiwal, K. Devanand Chakravarthy, Narote Mounika, C. Agnihotra Reddy
54-61 pdf
11. Artificial Recharge to Alluvial Aquifer, Northeastern Nuba Mountains, Sudan.
Dafalla Siddig Dafalla
62-66 pdf